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The first mistake that can be found in Day of the Dead is pretty early. The calendar is in the middle of a brick when we first see it on the wall. When Sarah approaches it, it is in a different position – not quite as centered. Sarah's aerial P.O.V. of the street reveals a moving car heading towards the intersection on the left. Ironically later Dr. Fisher makes a serious comment about how he observed a zombie trying to drive down Independence Avenue in D.C. This one must have zoomed away before Sarah and Miguel could get on the bullhorn! Upon repeat viewings, you may notice that some of the zombies on the street are seen in different spots in successive shots. Consider the setting to be a mistake: a subterranean shelter in Florida is nearly impossible, considering the state’s water table is too high. The county in the film is Seminole County, which is a real county in Florida, but located near central Florida, not even near Fort Myers or Sanibel Island. In the capture scene after he says "nice hat asshole" Steel is not seen laughing but the laughing still heard. Rhodes is not wearing a Captain's jacket. Rhodes aims a gun at Steel in the meeting sequence – which apparently has an empty chamber. Bub drools when shaving. Zombies do not produce fluids anymore (see Logan's original retort to Rhodes' "blow the piss out of them" comment in the script section). On the platform attack on Miguel, there's a zombie by the clown who stands out. Why? Because someone forgot to put decent makeup on him! It looks like he is merely wearing eyeliner and nothing else! One of the most obvious and consistently discovered mistakes is the football player zombie. First she appears entering through the compound gates then appears again entering through the corral area in the cave before the rest of the zombies could have made it in there. Torrez is attacked while hiding behind some large wooden stack in the invasion scene. Also, look for a particularly energetic zombie who jumps on top of the stack after Torrez (you see the legs of the ghoul walking up high on the right side). There's a army soldier zombie entering the complex after Steel machine guns the see him on the left. His helmet starts to fall off and he forgot he is supposed to be dead and tries to keep it on. Instinct? You decide. More of a special effects flaw, but Rhodes' lifeless legs appear somewhat flattened as they are dragged for some reason when he is torn in half near the end.

Logan certainly should have come back from the dead eventually as we never really did see his head being shot. The idea Rhodes had was to leave him that possibility - that curse of living death. Rhodes knew it would be ‘doing him a favor’ to shoot him in the head, as with Miguel after his attack. Rhodes himself could have revived too if he’d been left a torso, but I really doubt that there would be any scraps left of the men with that many hungry zombies loose in the complex.

And now my favorite mistake. The calendars in the beginning and ending are not consistent. The one in the cubicle is showing October with the last days X'd out. Friday and Sat. are left. I haven't counted the X's but according to the shot of Sarah's handmade one at the end, Nov. 4th fell on a Thursday. So the Friday would be the 29th of Oct. but in the film there were only three days of events. We either missed some action, Sarah is changing the calendar according to her new standard of keeping time, or we have a genuine continuity error.