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Johnny gets out of his car, removes his driving gloves and puts them away. A few moments later he takes them out of his pocket and puts them on while in the cemetery. It is doubtful he'd have two pairs.

Barbara looks around at the trophy animal heads in the farmhouse living room and for a moment, you can see a crew member’s hand on the boar. 

Barbara looks out a window and sees the cemetery zombie outside, still roaming around in daytime. She then picks up the phone and it’s dead. About half a minute later she looks outside again and it is completely dark outside. 

Ben finishes killing a ghoul in the front lawn, and a crewmember’s hand waving the character away from the body is visible on the lower right corner. After Ben kills the zombie in the house by ramming the tire iron in its head, a close up is shown of the zombie's face. John Russo who played the zombie, although supposedly dead, shifts his eyes and keeps looking at the camera. He claims on the Elite laserdisc commentary that he intended to do this. A few moments later Ben strikes a zombie with the tire iron that is clearly a mannequin. 

When Barbara sees the corpse’s face upstairs, it is mutilated down to the skull. But when Ben drags her away, one can see her face appears unharmed, though the angle and lighting tried to disguise it. Barbara’s back is to the camera as she sits on the couch in one scene where Ben speaks to her. You can see the camera’s blimp on the lower left. 

In the scene where Helen is in the cellar talking to Tom upstairs, Harry’s head in the left foreground changes spots suddenly – a famous jump-cut error John Russo discussed in his Night of the Living Dead Filmbook

Ben takes off the wooden boards nailed to the front door just before the race to the pumps. The writing used by the crew to denote board placement on the door for continuity is visible. It is clearer to read in restored versions: "upper right corner". Ben didn’t board the window because it was too high. This is not an error. The window is visible behind Ben when he says, "this place is boarded up pretty solid now". 

When Ben is dragging the body out to burn it, the body seems farther away than it was shown the first time. Also, the fire Ben started when he burned the corpses is put out later in the film. Ben lights the chair on the porch on fire. On top of the chair is Ben's table leg turned torch. Then you see Ben throwing the torch onto the chair – even though it was just there. 

A synch error occurs when Tom comes out the basement door for the first time and says "we’re from town!"; his lips don’t move with this dialogue. 

Walking past a window, Ben is grabbed by a zombie through the space between the boards, and we see two zombies outside. Tom grabs a knife to help Ben and when he goes back to the window there’s only one zombie there clawing. 

The truck getaway scene reveals the headlights still intact despite being bashed in by rock-hurling zombies earlier. A day-for-night wide shot a few moments later is particularly noticeable. 

The exact same wide shot of the zombies approaching the house in the montage after this scene is re-used again in the gas pump scene.

If zombies are afraid of fire, why did they converge near the burning truck? Furthermore, if they like raw entrails, they would have not accepted cooked entrails! Near the end, Chief McClellan apparently has .50 caliber shells on his belt, which would not fit in his rifle. 

How Harry’s arm was quickly dismembered by his zombie daughter Karen is not indicated. 

A posse gunman kills a zombie in a white shirt and it covers its face as if it felt pain before it falls – a very un-zombie-like reaction. Also of note, is the cemetery zombie who is sporting a more crew cut style haircut in the last scenes.