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Stephen Andrews (David Emge), Peter Washington (Ken Foree), Roger Demarco (Scott H. Reiniger), Francine Parker (Gaylen Ross).

Dr. James Foster (David Crawford), Sid Burman (David L. Early), Priest (Jese Del Gre), Dr. Millard Roush (Richard France), TV Commentator (Howard Smith).


Blades (Tom Savini), Raider Leader (Rudy Ricci), Sledge Hammer (Taso N. Stavrakis), Bomba (Nick Tallo)., Pat Buba, Tony Buba.


Tommy Lafitte (Miguel)


Chopperhead (Jim Krut), 


Nurse (Sharon Ceccati), Nun (Pam Chatfield), Generic Zombie (Clayton Hill), Rifle Zombie (Jay Stover), Boiler Room Zombie (Warner Shook), Screwdriver Zombie (John Harrison), Machete (Lenny Lies).


Donald Rubinstein, Jeannie Jeffries, Tom Savini. 

David Emge (Stephen Andrews), Ken Foree (Peter Washington), Scott H. Reiniger (Roger DeMarco), Gaylen Ross (Francine Parker), David Crawford (Dr. James Foster), David L. Early (Sidney Burman), Richard France (Dr. Millard Roush), Howard Smith (TV Commentator), Daniel Dietrich (Dan Givens), Fred Baker (Squad Commander), James A. Baffico (Woolley), Rod Stouffer (Rod Tucker), Clayton McKinnon (black S.W.A.T. in room), John Rice (blonde S.W.A.T. in room), Jesse Del Gre (Old Priest), Robert Williams (Black National Guardsman), Dock Officers: Joseph Pilato (in wool cap), Ted Bank (spots police car), Patrick McCloskey (smoking cigar), Randy Kovitz (wants cigarettes), Motorcycle Raiders: Pasquale Buba (wears poncho), Tony Buba (in sombrero), Butchie (biker with sidecar), Dave Hawkins, Tom Kapusta, Rudy J. Ricci (leader with helmet), Tom Savini (Blades), Marty Schiff (curly-haired with shades, shot by Peter), Joseph Shelleby (in van with glasses/hat), Taso N. Stavrakis (Sledge Hammer), Nick Tallo ("Bomba", the grenadier), Larry Vaira (in sidecar with tommygun). Featured Zombies: Sharon Ceccatti (nurse), Pam Chatfield (nun), Mike Christopher (pitcher), Clayton Hill (zombie in sweater vest), Jay Stover (rifle zombie). 

Uncredited Cast: J. Clifford Forrest (copyboy), Molly McCloskey (lady with coat), George A. Romero, Christine Forrest (arguing station technicians), Vincent T. Vox (station employee), Michael Lies (sideburns/vest TV guy), Liz Augenstein (ĎOn Airí Girl), Ed Letteri (long-haired guy by door), Joseph Shelleby (Puerto Rican 1), John Amplas (Puerto Rican killed last), Tommy Lafitte (Miguel zombie), George A. Romero (voice on dock radio), Joe Abeln (rifleman who misses), Jim Krut (helicopter zombie), Barry Gress (parking lot zombie knocking sign over), Taso N. Stavrakis (wishing well zombie, car drag stunt), Warner Shook (boiler room zombie), Michael Berhosky (Krishna zombie), Bob Miller (funeral zombie in three-piece), John Harrison (screwdriver zombie), Michael Gornick (radio announcer), Christine Forrest (voice in candy recording), Taso N. Stavrakis (zombie in wool cap), Jeannie Jeffries (blonde truck zombie), Tom Savini (Blonde Stunt/Windshield Zombie), Nick Mastandrea (crosshairs zombie 1), Robert V. Michelucci (crosshairs zombie 2), Susan Crosgrove (crosshairs zombie 3), Joey Baffico (zombie attacking Rogerís bandage), Barbara Lifsher (Mary - lady driving van), Roy Frumkes (first pie zombie), Sukey Raphael (pie zombie in red gown), Katharine Kolbert (pie-throwing blonde raider), Randy Kovitz (biker with glasses and blue hat), Ben Barenholtz (sheriff zombie), Christine Forrest (elf Zombie), Leonard Lies (machete zombie).


Editor, Writer/Director: George A. Romero, Producer: Richard P. Rubinstein, Co-Producer (Italy): Dario Argento, Director of Photography: Michael Gornick, Executive Producers (U.S.A.): Herbert R. Steinmann and Billy Baxter, Executive Producers (Europe): Claudio Argento and Alfredo Cuomo, Special Makeup Effects: Tom Savini, Original Score: Goblin, Assistant Producer: Donna Siegal, Assistant Director: Christine Forrest, Production Manager: Zilla Clinton, Unit Manager: Jay Stover, Sound: Tony Buba, Costumes: Josie Caruso, Lighting: Carl Augenstein, Casting: John Amplas, Casting Assistants: Ellen Hopkins, Michael Lies, Assistant Cameraman: Tom Dubensky, Continuity: John Rice, Still Photography: Katherine Kolbert, Weapons Coordinator: Clayton Hill, Explosive Effects: Gary Zeller, Don Berry, Key Grips Nick Mastandrea, Cliff Forrest, Slate: Diane Donati, Assistant Editor: Kenneth Davidow, Business Manager: Vince Survinski, Publicity: Renee Furst, Publicity Assistant: Francine Davidoff, Set Decoration: Josie Caruso, Barbara Lifsher, Wardrobe: Michele Martin, Stuntmen: Tom Savini, Taso Stavrakis, Grips: Dan Bertha, Bradley Drumheller, Lenny Lies, Clayton McKinnon, Ken Nagin, Daniel Silk, Boom Man: Robert Williams, Distribution Consultant: Ben Barenholtz, Production Assistants: Leslie Augenstein, Sharon Ceccatti, Margarita Delgado, Ed Letteri, Dan Lupovitz, Diane Westerman, 1st Assistants, Makeup: Nancy Allen, Jeannie Jeffries, Truck Stunt Drivers: Leonard DeStefans, John Konter, Carl Scott, Helicopter Services: Royale Helicopter, Inc., Helicopter Pilot: Barth Bartholomae, Weapons: The Plastics Factory, Graphics: Joseph Eberle, Sets: Production Coordinators, Mall Liaison: Bill Wagner, Mall Security: Jim Barger, Hi-Fi Equipment: The Listening Post, Inc., Fur Coats: Lupovitz Furs, Home Furnishings: Wickes Furniture, Costumes: Brooks-Van Horn, Maiers, Pittsburgh, Re-Recording Mixer: Richard Dior, Trans / Audio Inc., Hairstyles: Hairtique, Optical Effects: Exceptional Opticals, Optical Consultant: Arthur J. Canestro, Titles By: Jean Bertl, Karen Levy, Jose V. Gallardo, James Chai, Technicolor Advisors: Otto Paoloni, Joey Violante, Color By: Technicolor - New York, Insurance: Rogal & Company, Production Accounting: Charles Forman, Wechsler Meyers Wolsh, Equipment: F & B Ceco, New York, Sound Transfers: Aquarius Sound, Production Services: The Latent Image, Inc., The Ultimate Mirror, Ltd., Laurel Tape & Film, Inc., Film Shipping: C & L Shipping. Produced with the cooperation of: G. Robert Cox, Marvin Lieber, Miguel Lisenberg, Oxford Development Co., Pennsylvania National Guard (1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery), Pittsburgh Explorers Club, Pittsburgh Housing Authority, Resource Investments, Inc., Alvin Rogal, Frank Rubinstein, Irvin Shapiro, Films Around the World (NYC), Max Toberoff, Susan Vermazen.